IBM Cognos Executive Viewer 10.2.1 [October 15, 2013]



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    Yves PERROT

    Yesterday, I asked the IBM support about the exact meaning of "IBM Cognos Executive Viewer V10.2.1 will be the last version offered by IBM." for IBM customers.

    This is what I have been told:

    •  "Cubus has purchased source from IBM regarding Executive Viewer"
    • "The window of supportability for all IBM products is 5 years.  So for EV 10.2, within that window, you should be able to expect to get bug-fixes and the level of support you have had up until now.  Within that time, any NEW features and enhancements would come on a case-by-case basis"

     PMR number associated to this service request is PMR 59081,999,706.

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    Yves PERROT

    As the announcement letter was unclear about the latest Essbase version supported by Executive Viewer 10.2.1, I also asked the IBM support about the status of Oracle Essbase support with EV 10.2.1.

    I have been answered that "Unfortunately, it appears that EV 10.2 will not support Essbase".

     PMR number associated to this service request is PMR 59080,999,706.


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